“A car is not a luxury but a means of transportation” – we are all familiar with this saying. However, for most of us, our car is not only a comfortable means of transportation, but also a part of the family and an “expensive toy” to which we dedicate a lot of our free time and money. And all of this can be explained – modern life forces us to spend several hours (or even half of the day for some) in our car, because we use it to go to work, places of recreation or simply travel. Therefore, we choose a vehicle that best satisfies our needs, fascinates us and has an element of “individuality” that would distinguish it from the crowd of other vehicles. Thus, tuning or, to be more precise, exhaust system tuning is a wonderful way to make it happen. We are all different, therefore we also understand exhaust system tuning differently. Some people may be satisfied with only slight modifications of the exterior and/or sound, while others require direct exhaust or its sports option. There are also those who will not be able to “live in peace” until their golf is maximally similar to a Formula 1 race car (we smile). That is why we have distinguished the main types of exhaust tuning:

– exhaust system tuning
– exhaust sound control by phone (New!)
– exhaust system ramification
– sound modifications (quieter/louder)
– power boost

Exhaust system tuning

Very often tuning is considered to be the modification of a car’s exterior. Regarding the exhaust system, this is usually damper doubling. Many various damper tip forms can be selected for such works: round, square and rectangular. They are made from stainless steel, look stylish and, after investing a minimum amount of time and money, will significantly change the look of your car.

Exhaust system ramification

Exhaust system ramification is a significantly more noticeable modification of the exterior of your car, compared to the first option. It is rather simple – the exhaust pipe, which is situated on one side, is ramified into two exhaust pipes. Such symmetry gives the vehicle solemnity and a positive impression. It is possible to choose from several options: place the pipes on the left and right side of the bumper, center both pipes or use a tuned bumper with integrated tips. The final result will always depend on your own requests.

Sound modifications

Sound modification is another popular type of tuning. The most frequent request is to increase the exhaust sound and make it sound lower. Sound range is also selected according to the customer’s request. The sound can be diversified by using X-pipe and H-pipe. Unique and original sound effects can be achieved using exhaust with 4 tips, when a resonance is reached. Also, increased pipe diameter improves gas passage and filling of cylinders, as well as power and torque.

Power boost

Power boost is the most valuable, as well as the most difficult and expensive type of tuning. As we know, the damper performs several functions: gas exhaust from the engine, decrease of the exhaust of hazardous materials into the atmosphere and vibration reduction. However, all of this slightly decreases engine power. This is not a critical point for normal vehicles, however, for sports cars, such loss of power is very significant. Therefore, very different solutions are applied to sports cars in terms of exhaust – increasing the pipe diameter, direct resonators, downpipes, exhaust ramification.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to improve the exhaust system of your car. You only need to decide. Whether you want to change the exhaust exterior and sound, integrate a direct damper or a corrugated damper pipe, or replace the entire exhaust system – this depends only on your own wishes and possibilities.