Soot filter removal DPF / FAP

We have all heard about a frequent issue in diesel engines – soot filter contamination or malfunction (DPF – Diesel particulate filter / FAP – Filter Additive Particulate). When this issue occurs, the engine power of the car decreases, fuel consumption increases and the Check Engine indicator lights up.
In this situation, there are only two solution:

  1. Soot filter replacement
  2. Soot filter removal, washing (complex)

As a rule, the second solution is several times cheaper, but requires a professional approach and the latest software. Our specialists are able to perform DPF/FAP filter removal works qualitatively and quickly, by providing a 14-day guarantee. This procedure requires the latest software, as well as long-term experience and knowledge in this field.

Important! If the Check Engine indicator lights up in your car – immediately perform car computer diagnostics before beginning any repairs! The long-term use of a car with a clogged DPF / FAP filter and a lit Check Engine indicator is not recommended, as this may have a negative effect on the engine of your car in the future.

EGR system

New car engines have a “smart” system, which we call EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). This system is installed both in diesel and petrol engines. It is important to note that EGR often becomes the source of problems to car owners and drivers. The system is rather sensitive, due to the fact that, during operation (particularly when using poor quality fuel), the EGR valve, intake manifold and sensors inside it are contaminated with soot. And this is when the operation of the engine becomes unstable. The EGR valve is a fairly expensive part, therefore, instead of replacing it, car owners choose another solution – EGR system deactivation. – EGR Deactivation.

EGR malfunction

As mentioned earlier, soot deposits appearing in the valve seat is the reason for the malfunction of the EGR system. These deposits appear due to the following reasons: poor quality fuel, crankcase ventilation system malfunctions, cylinder-piston system wear, turbine malfunction, malfunctioning of sensors that control the valve. When the valve becomes dirty, it begins to get stuck or operates at a slower pace. The valve can get stuck when opening (a petrol engine runs unevenly when idle, and a diesel engine will lose part of its power) and when closing (fuel consumption of a petrol engine will increase, while the operation of a diesel engine will become “harder”).

Our specialists have years of experience and all the necessary software for the deactivation and analysis of the EGR system. We will fix your car quickly and qualitatively by providing only the highest quality services and a 14-day guarantee.