What is chip tuning?

A modern engine simply cannot operate without an even and continuous electric control provided by the engine control unit (ECU). This controller is a microcomputer. Its internal memory contains programs controlling the engine and parameter tables that are used during engine operation. Depending on the signals submitted by the sensors from different system units, a program is installed which, again, is controlled by the microcontroller. It calculates the most optimum fuel injection and installation settings, which has a final effect on engine power, fuel consumption and dynamics. Chip tuning is an injection controller reprogramming procedure which enables to change (increase/decrease) car power and torque parameters.

Why is chip tuning necessary?

Factories (manufacturers) program engine controllers in a way that would enable to decrease the parameters in certain areas, which are relevant when competing with other manufacturers (e.g., CO2 or fuel consumption). In other words, torque is artificially decreased in order to prolong engine life. Or the engine’s power is limited, to an increased speed moment, in order for the car to remain maximally safe. Of course, such limitations are logical and based on a number of arguments, however most car owners still decide to perform certain works that would increase the car’s dynamics and decrease fuel consumption.

Precise engine control unit settings.

It should be immediately noted that this process requires careful and responsible work. If chip tuning is performed by novices, then the technical parameters of your car will not change, at best. In the worst-case scenario, the engine will start to operate unevenly, you will feel waves of decreased power and torque indicators will worsen. Even if the power is increased, this may be the result of the fact that engine resource was significantly reduces, thus fuel consumption will jump up.

We will perform a high quality and a truly professional chip tuning at Žemynos str. 13B, Vilnius. Our team is comprised of top quality programmers and specialists who are familiar with all the subtleties of petrol and diesel engine coding and repairs. Parameters that will change if control unit works are performed correctly:

  • Improvement in acceleration dynamics at low and medium speed
  • Stabilization of engine operation while in idle
  • Cooling system optimization
  • Optimization of engine operation when the engine is cold

Chip tuning features and price

When chip tuning is performed, the indications of different engines change differently. The engines of certain manufacturers enable to significantly change the engine parameters, while the engines of other manufacturers – only slightly. By using the latest equipment, our specialists who are professionals in their field will carry out an objective analysis of your car engine, which will enable us to confidently and accurately answer your question “How much will it cost?”. Our service staff will demonstrate their capabilities with great pleasure, and offer an affordable price! Do not hesitate to contact us in Vilnius or anywhere in Lithuania and we will not disappoint you. You can find as at Žemynos str. 13B, Vilnius.