MPOWER.LT specialists perform any electronic control unit programming and coding works professionally and responsibly.

These days it is hard to imagine cars without electronic equipment in the engine, gearbox or in the general control system of the entire car. Car electronics development trends have a clear direction towards the use of ECU which must be programmed appropriately, depending on the equipment of the car. For programming work, our specialists use the latest software.

Programming types

Modification and improvement

ECU programming is necessary when the need arises to perform new modification or improvement works on a car. All of this can be done automatically, by using manufacturer’s software, as well as in a personalized way.

  • Soft Close (door closer integration)
  • Full LED lighting installation and programming
  • Top View camera installation and programming
  • Installation of parking sensors
  • USA car programming to EU (radio waves, lights, navigation, panel)
  • And various other improvement works according to the needs of the customer

Initial programming

The first and most important step is software installation into the new control unit. This happens when an old unit is replaced with a new one. During this procedure, information is installed into certain units which enables to identify the unit, as it can only be used in certain cars. Also, the installation of initial parameters which cannot be changed in the future (for example, the presence / absence of a catalyst) is performed in several units, most often in the engine control unit. This is carried out automatically, however, if necessary, it can also be performed manually, by installing the necessary parameters.

Separate programming in ECU

When carrying out repair works, sometimes it is necessary to replace the software of a specific unit. This could be a re-installation of SOFT or an update of an old platform, as well as resetting of the system to its initial point if the computer displays an error after system updates.


After successfully carrying out all the programming works, it is necessary to perform the coding works of programmed control units. Just like in the modification area, coding can be performed automatically or manually.